Thursday, July 24, 2008

A work of art by an Inspired woman!

I have "known" Rachel for about two years now.
I have never met her,but, we have become very good internet friends.
Rachel is a photographer, she says she is not professional, I say maybe not!
But, what I see when I look at her photography is beauty, be it a bug a child a bird or the smoke of a candle the moment after it has been snuffed out.

She inspires me, and quite a few works of art that I have produced ("Rachels Hosta" for example) have been inspired by her photography. Rachel sees the world for me so very often!
Her lens points to and picks up a second in time that can leave a person breathless.

My friend Rachel has a serious disease, and it has not once stopped her from being the consummate Mother/Wife/Teacher/Photographer!
Rachel is a determined woman, a woman that sees beauty in the strangest places, records it, and shares it with the rest of us that are in awe of her work!

Next time a work of art catches your eye, stop!
Stop, and think about what went into the making of it.
Think about who it was that made you look and smile!
Think about a world without people that inspire us!

Thank-you Rachel, I just adore you!
Rachels photography can be viewed here: