Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brothers and families

I have three brothers.
I love them all so much.
They are Kind, intelligent and thoughtful.
And they all have daughters two of them have sons!

My older brother just attended his daughters wedding In Connecticut.
One wonders about the thoughts of a father when his precious little girl gets married.
One wonders about the pride of looking at a little girl as a woman and hoping that all will be good in her new world!
One wonders.
Especially when thousands of miles separate them.

Another brother has two girls & one son, and is now a grandfather to five little ones (four girls and one little boy)
He is as well a father/grandfather of exceptional qualities.
Loving,kind and gentle.
He loves his children and his family as a whole unit.
Nothing separates his love for his children

The third brother has one daughter, and he has just become a first time grandfather. Big, burly and gentle as a lamb when he holds his newest little girl.

I love my brothers, all three of them are educated,kind,compassionate men.
All of them are full of love laughter and kindness.
All of them have worked very hard all their life.

I am the luckiest of sisters.
I have three brothers and each and every one of them is a wonderful man!
I love you guys, you all have always inspired me.