Friday, April 23, 2010

"Rachels Muse I"

Many of you that follow this blog are aware that I have a dear friend that is an accomplished photographer.
And, you then, are aware that I often use a lot of her photographs as inspiration for a painting.
Thanking someone that inspires you is a very hard thing to do.
A while back Rachel posted a photograph that she took of her son holding his Oboe.
I fell totally in love with this Photograph and decided to paint it.
(What on Earth was I thinking?)
So this painting is for Rachel, Just because.

I am known for my inability to paint the human form.
Yep, even hands.
But I got to it, and after weeks of working on this painting (Some of which I was quite ill and did nothing), I am finally at the stage where I can begin to refine Jacobs hands.
Scary to say the least.
I have to finish the area where the reed is, and will do that a wee bit later....Kind of like a gift to myself when I finish those talented wonderful hands that belong to Jacob.

Hope you like it so far.
The background is not finished yet, but will remain painted in a matte black.
Please let me know how you think I am doing here, and anything as well that needs work.
Your eyes are important, as often while working on a painting such as this one cannot see the obvious flaws.