Friday, January 15, 2016

"How on Earth was that done?"

"The Beginning"
Acrylics And Mixed media
Birch Panel
24" X 24"

Today's entry is not about my art.
It is how the art forms of others make me better at what I do.
It is about the wonder that surrounds those of us 
that ask
"How on Earth was that done?"

A lovely friend of mine is an author.
She is dedicated to her work and has worked 
(sometimes agonizingly)
passionately on her manuscripts.
Through her, I have learned that if we do not take time
 to appreciate the intensely dedicated work of others to complete a project,
we will fail to complete the roles we have assigned ourselves in any good fashion.

For any Artist, be you a Baker, a Shoemaker, a Nurse, a Teacher, or an Author,
unless you realize and appreciate the trials and tribulations
 of others creations, craft, or profession,
you cannot appreciate the fabulous standards your own works have to live up to.

The people surrounding us (often unknowingly) are all artisans in their own right.

I put paint and other mediums on a canvas.
when I am finished one I am either pleased with the work 
 so dissatisfied that I will completely change it, 
or  junk it and begin anew.
Without the proper tools we use to craft in our chosen profession
we are left floating in nothingness.
Sometimes the proper tools are what we see
when we look at other people going about their daily life
 and completing certain tasks.

Everything we do goes way back in time to when someone said,
"I have an idea on how to make this work, 
I will craft it and share it with others,
 so they can utilize it and create something new with it."
We, in turn use the tool, improve on it, 
and often turn it into 
 something totally different.

I cannot tell you how many times that the end result of an  Art-work
 that I present to the public is a totally different concept from what I had in mind at the beginning.

Authors revise, edit, revise and edit more.
Nurses  & Teachers are constantly improving on their profession.

Everything changes constantly
if we do not stop and ask
"How did that ever get done?"
The true meaning of  the tools we use in our everyday lives
are useless,
and what we do becomes meaningless.