Monday, July 2, 2012

Only one way to Fly! (Up-dated with much better photos)

In my world there are degrees of excellence.
Many people perform similar tasks, and while I will assume that they all are good at what they do, some of them require much more skill, while sharing the same title with others.
For the past few days I have been watching the Crop Dusters.
Amazing Pilots that fly unbelievably close to the ground dusting the fields with stuff that cleans out weeds/makes the grain grow better.
These pilots are exceptional and methodical. 
Once they begin a field they follow a basic grid until the whole field is dusted.
They soar, they turn they fly close to the ground, and are absolutely a joy to watch.
These pilots are Masters.
Nope, they do not get into an automated/computerized cockpit that basically plots routes and heights for them.
They do not sit in comfy seats and relax while up in the air.
These men "FLY!"
In these four photos I have captured the pilot flying from East to West.
I am standing on our rear deck, facing East,
which is about 25 feel above ground level.
The haze in the one photo was because I was shooting into the morning Sun.

In position

cresting the hill

Over the hill and down to the edge of the crop
Turn around for the next pass.

They are in these planes from dawn to dusk landing to refuel and off they go again.
If I was asked who was the better Pilot, I would not hesitate with my answer.
Flying a Jumbo Jet/SST takes skill.
But being a bush Pilot/Crop Duster takes uncommon skill.
It takes "Seat of the pants" know-how, and it takes a keen mind that is always aware.

In all of life we face degrees of excellence between those that are titled with the same name.
Some produce as is expected, and others allow their minds to become active and expand.
To my way of thinking the second lot are artists in their own right.
They are independent thinkers. they face problems head on and make decisions based on what is happening at this moment.
Not everyone can do this....most of us are not allowed
to think independently in our daily lives.
So, when you see someone that is doing anything that requires independent thought smile, and let them know that you appreciate their dedication to the task at hand.
Their dedication to "Getting it done!"
Later All