Friday, March 21, 2014

My Love affair with trees.

I have long had a strong love affair with trees. I love looking at them, I love walking anywhere near them.

I love their shapes and colours.

To me they are so representational of all life.

When I began painting I was not so aware of this love, but eventually I realized that it goes way back many years.

The very first painting that I thought of as "Professional" quality was of a stand of Lodgepole Pines.

Personally it is probably my favorite painting of all time because it was my "First" that was, in my mind perfect.

Over the years since this painting I have painted trees in many shapes/styles and forms.
Needless to say trees are never the same,
the light in an hour can change the appearance of a tree.
so I present to you a few of the trees I have painted over the years......

"Lodgepole Pines"
12" x 18"
Acrylics on canvas board
This painting is unique in that one of these pined has a curved base.
Lodge pole Pines are quite unique to the Prairie areas of Canada
They (for the most part)
Grow straight and very tall.
For centuries the original Native Canadians,
and later settlers used them as the center beam for their homes.


"Willow Bay"
12" x 18"
acrylics on canvas.
Birch and Poplar trees by Lake Manitoba

"A study in Blue"
Acrylics on Masonite
18" x 24"
A challenge from a friend that I could not paint a realistic painting using only blue/white and black.

"Manitoba Morning"
12" x 18"
Acrylics on Canvas

Sunrise from a friends Kitchen window.

"The Way to the Lake"
12" x 12"
Acrylics on canvas

Again near Willow Bay in Manitoba, Canada

"After the fire"
12" x 18"
Acrylics, Gold leaf and Mixed media
on canvas

A few years back a beautiful and very old 
stand of Spruce trees were destroyed by a forest fire
 alongside Highway # 6 in Manitoba, Canadas  North.
Amazingly after 15 years they are almost back to where they stood  years.

 "The Old Railway"
12" x 18"
Acrylics/metal leaf & mixed media"
on Canvas
A grown over escarpment where a CNR
spur line once existed
(near Moosehorn and Spearhhill Manitoba)

"Miyajima Island Hot Springs"
24" x 24"
Acrylics  and mixed media
on Masonite.

painted from a wonderful photograph  taken by a friend when he visited Japan

"Fourteen Trees on a  River Walk"
12" x 18"
Acrylics on Canvas

Over Wintering,  a stand of newly planted trees.
Along Nosecreek park walk way
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

"Moonlight in Manitoba"
 12" x 12"
Acrylics on canvas.

The old road that my Dog Ben and I would walk in the evenings.
Just outside McCreary, Manitoba.

As you can see I have represented trees in my art, in many ways.
I have used Acrylics and Molding paste, and Metal leaf
Every painting is very unique from the others, and usually they stand alone as a work of art.
The latest two Paintings I have done are actually a complimentary set.
I will not go into great detail about them as they are highlighted in the post just
before this one.

Later all

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Summer Sunrise"

"Summer Sunrise"
12" x12"
Metal leaf &
 Acrylics on canvas

Well, not easy, but I think I captured this one in the manner I wanted.
Photographing any work with Metal leaf is so hard.
(Actually the colour is represented much better in the second Photo below.)
In reality this is a painting that gleams and changes with the passing of time daily,
making it quite unique.
The molding paste on this one was much thicker in the Leaves.
This presented a real challenge.
getting the edges painted in and the "Variegated Leaf"
on top took a long time.
Over all I am quite pleased with how it ended up.
As it is it is a very nice companion work to
My last work.
Both works are seasonal, and compliment each other and the Seasons they represent.
Comments and critiques on these paintings
(as well as any here in my blog)
are welcomed.
Please say hello after you are finished reading here.
I would so like that