Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another day another painting & more Gesso!

Well, I have begun another painting.
Yep, and I am not sure even already if I have begun it right.
So back to the Easel, and Gesso!
Now there are some tools in any trade that are considered mundane!
For a mechanic it may be.... a screwdriver....for a house painter....a brush and for a
secretary....a computer.
We all use these things and we tend to take them for granted.
For myself, an artist, my thing is Gesso!
I use it a lot. It is the great divider between right and wrong. It covers up mistakes, cleans canvas' and does a fine job of allowing one to begin anew if the original approach is all wrong.
Oftentimes we start a project and once we are into it, we realize that we are heading in the wrong direction.
Hopefully every person has a "GESSO" solution to these problems.

It is often not the finished product that has any meaning, but the path traveled to the end.
We all need some sort of Gesso in our lives, and if we are lucky our problems can be solved by using this product in one form or another.
When we hit a snag that will not allow us to correct our mistakes and gesso is not the answer, it is then time to re-think our approach and start anew.
Yep....toss out the old ideas, and start fresh!
Here is to fresh starts in your life.
May they all prove fruitful!