Friday, October 26, 2012

"A True Artist of the North" More photos added.

"Camp Nanuk"

 Every once in a while we happen to meet someone so special that they constantly interact with what is good and nice in us.
As artists,  Diane Riley I have have started a page on Facebook for the artist to  exchange ideas. This site is without the political influences that are so common in the very large sites.
The artists involved in this site have no particular Genre of art but it is amazing at the diversity of the group.

"Mother with cubs"

One of our group....Kelsey an artist with great talent.
He is very involved with Dog sled racing, Polar Bears and lives in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada during 
"Bear Season".
Otherwise he lives in the Yukon
on the highway that leads travelers/tourists into Whitehorse, in the Yukon, Canadas true North.
There he  managing his Art studio
 (The Outhouse Gallery)

Kelseys art for the most part, depicts the Wildlife and Peoples in the North of Canada with a unique style and great sensitivity.
Kelseys Art is vibrant and full of life.
He paints in colours so vivid they  are a strong contrast to what the average person thinks
The North is like.

"Gold Rush"

Kelsey also has a  has a blog.
A blog about Churchill, Manitoba,Canada and its' interaction with Polar Bears during "The Season"
When the bears come on land to mate, and give birth before they head back on to the ice flows.
The insight that Kelsey gives us about living in an area that is famous for Polar Bears is eye-opening and very down to Earth.
 He tells us about how the bears are air-lifted to "jail" tagged, and marked to be released when the Ice forms.....quite often by air to a destination far away.

Kelsey tells us about "Dancer" a well known (Bear) visitor to Churchill and his antics.....seems Dancer is a kind of Icon in the area.


I urge you to check out not only his art, but his blogs. 
In them he will give you a realistic point of view
of life in the far North today.  
The unique problems faced by those who live with the bears, 
a tongue in cheek look at how the "Outsiders" opinions on the area usually differs from those of the residents.

Kelseys art:
To follow this blog and the wonderful writings of Kelsey Eliasson follow this link, you will not be disappointed.
Seasonal blog on Facebook: 85967-kathleen_sauerbrei-7cfc0cf460945bb161b27c580a229bdb

A couple of photos from Kelseys Blog;
 The infamous "Dancer"

Curiosity is Quite normal with these bears.
Everything and everyone is fair game to them.

A series of photos showing just who is in charge here.
I sure would not want to tangle with this bear.

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