Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photographers and those Darned interlopers!

I take a lot of photos, a lot of them.
I see a cloud that appeals to me I take a photo.
I see a kitten in a very cute position and I take a photo.
I take photos to use as references for my Painting, many many of them.
Some I post on Facebook, some I post here on my blog and some I just keep for 
references to my Painting.

But, I have never ever called myself a photographer.
I have never claimed to know what all the accessories on my Little Powershot A480 are for,
and personally I do not care.

The other day a "Professional" photographer snidely made the comment that
"You are not a Photographer, and never will be!"
I asked her what prompted that accusation and her reply was.....
"You post photos all the time...."

Of course I do, and I am not about to stop.
I have photos of my grandsons, the animals about our home, the landscape around my home and of course
the skies.

But, as well, I photograph a lot of my own art so as to post it here and elsewhere.
Nope not as a professional.....That is for the Gallery owners to have done.
They know the specific people that are incredible in bringing out the colours on my canvas'.

In the world of Photoshop/Gimp and many others,  lies the problem.
Yep those darned  non -professional people that use these programs are stealing work
 from out of professionals mouths.

Ansel Adams had his own technique and perfected it.
So has Annie Leibovitz.
And many others,
Karsh is a very good example as well.
Do you honestly think that any person would assume that they could do better?
(Not being a pro, that is.)
I doubt it!

The people that do these things are having fun.
They are playing around with a camera and a computer program that when combined
usually end up as a neat picture.
They are playing around with toys and having a ball doing it.

So, if you are offended that I did not bring my Canvas to you (as a professional) to record for posterity so be it!

If you do not like a (Lucky) shot of my grandson that turned out wonderfully, I still refuse to apologize.
If you work hard, and take wonderful portraits, good for you.
I think it is about time for you to check your ego at the door and see random shots
(manipulated or otherwise)
as a different way of making it work for different people.
I am sure you have never used any type of photoshopping program in your art, 
because you are a Professional.

Art in any form should never be considered elitist.
Grow confidence in your own talents and stop worrying about what others do.
Be proud of your work.
Be so proud that those darn interlopers just do not matter.
Stop wasting your time ranting and do your own thing without a care in the world.

They have their world and you, yours.

Later all