Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting There.

It is a cold and dreary day in Southern Alberta, Canada this morning.
 If I was on the lakeshore of my childhood, I would be standing just above the sand watching the breaker waves roll in.
Wondering what makes them do that.
I have many images through out my life that are locked in my mind.
And, every day there are new ones.

I wonder how many memories  one can accumulate, and how one can translate them into an Artwork?
Then I wonder how I will do it? 
Then wonder if it will be pleasing?

Looking back at that child, I wonder how my life has evolved as an artist.
I had no idea then, that the Childhood thoughts would some day translate into Art.
I didn't even know what a paint brush was then.

The many barren years before I was able to express who I am in Art were cold and dreary for the most part.
I had a child, and the Sun shone again.
Having a reason is the answer.
Having and recognizing joy is what makes it all worth it.
Having like-minded friends helped me so much.

I suppose we are never alone, but just walking the path to Happiness/Friendship and Love.
And when we reach our destination it is a bit of a shock.

Finding out who we are is not always possible when we are younger.
Coping with life until we do is a bit harder, but can be done.
Accepting our happiness in later years is much harder.
But the end result, once accepted is 

"Home at last"
Acrylics/Mixed media on canvas
12" X 18
The hieroglyphics (Kanji) are from parts of the Dhamapada