Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"It is Just a Matter of Time"

Acrylics and Mixed media
Birch Panel
24" X 24"

(These photos are not enhanced/Photoshopped in any way)

Many times I have posted photos of my Art and followed the picture up with the comment 
"It really gleams".
Of course we all realize that shine and gloss do not show up in a photo without looking like glare.
Because of this, photographs never depict what a painting really looks like in person.
And that is a shame.
I worked on this piece for almost three weeks
 Laying down the silver leaf, over-painting that, and buffing the paint down to a thin film that allows the shine of the Silver leaf below to push through the colour.
Using many many layers of greens and blues. each buffed to a beautiful finish. 
Paint reacts on Leaf in a very different way. While you can buff off the greater part of it,
in itself, a hint of colour is always left to shine with the Silver leaf  underlay lifting it upwards.
I have posted two photos of this painting that were taken at different times of the day to show how interactive
 using Silver (or Gold) leaf is and how it reacts to different levels of sun.
Hopefully this will help you understand my often commented....
"This painting just gleams."
Thanks all