Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting it right

"The Edge"
Acrylics on Canvas
12" X 12"

Every once in a while, as an artist, I wonder how did another artist get that effect.
Not havng had any formal training in art (and the application there-off), I read a lot of art books, go and see other artists works at gallery's and shops, and try when I get back home to achieve the shading/shadows/light effects in a realistic manner.
Most often this exercise results in a lost painting underneath the blobs/and strokes that were to mean something.
So, I paint over it and away I go again.
Yesterday I painted this little Jewel.
Yep the lighting and shadows and depth happened as I painted, and it all made sense.
I finally did it without agonizing about the method.
Maybe one has to learn things, and just wait for the right time to implement them!
Enjoy this painting, I like the mysteriousness of it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Real Women VI"

The Sun, the Moon and the Earth join Forces
Acrylics and mixed media
on canvas
12" X 14"

Well, we have the Olympics being hosted in British Columbia this week. All of Canada is showing their Maple Leafs on their sleeves. (Yes, and our Hearts as well)
Enjoy them and appreciate the enormous amount of work these athletes put into training for these events.
Who wins is not important to me, as just being there as a participant means you are not only the best in your country, the world thinks you are the best of the best! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


"Frost on Larches"
Acrylics on Canvas
12" X 14"

Gosh I have not done one of these for a long time.
Hope you like it.
It is based on the photograph I posted below when the Hoar Frost claimed our world!
Hope you like it!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Real women V" (series continued)

12" X 14"
Acrylics & Mixed media on canvas
She stands tall, she is proud, and she is a successful Business Woman!
She also walks with the assistance of a cane.
She faces up to her life, and makes it work.
There is nothing that she cannot overcome.
I like her stance.
Hope you do as well.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My World This Morning....

Hi all, hope you are having a fabulous day.
Being 65 years old, and having the luxury to enjoy so much is a real blessing.
As most of you already know, I am an artist.
Well, I am (at best) trying to become an artist :)
I have connected so very much with the constant changes Nature offers me every day.
Crossfield, Alberta, Canada is not far from the edges of the Great Canadian Rocky Mountain range.
So we tend to have weather anomalies all the time.
In the Winter we have just splendid Hoar Frosts, and this Winter, the Frosts have been spectacular.
Here are some photos I took this morning of the sunrise.
I am looking West to the Larches that line the frontage of the property.
So the Sunrise in all its' glory rises on these trees, and the end result is breathtaking.
Enjoy all....

Just before the sunrisePeeking over the horizon turning the Western sky a lovely Pink

(More "Real Women" after this interlude!)