Thursday, May 16, 2013

What if?

 As most of my artist friends are aware, I have a deep and long love for the Japanese Wood Cut artisans from the 16th century on.
The simplicity and beautiful detail these artisans produced, have fascinated me from the earliest I can remember.
Every detail and stroke has so much meaning.
I have used some parts of these woodcuts in my art already 
and thought the other day,
"What if two totally different artists work were combined?
How would their work compare side by side or impressed upon each other?

The first print is from a woodcut  Named
 "Portrait of Ono no Komachi" 
by Kiyonaga (circa late 1700s)

the second is
"The drum Bridge and Yuhi Hill at Meguro"
by Hiroshige
Circa 1856/58

If I combined the two of these prints  as one, keeping the integrity of both paintings, I would end up with something like this: 

 this is a project that will take a great amount of thinking and detail.
My eyes are still covered in Cataracts so I have to work very patiently and carefully.
(Thank goodness for the "Zoom" feature on my Mac!)
I will update everyone as I start this and hopefully I can make something that will not cause the "Realists" to toss their hands up in disgust!
Wish me Luck