Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Summer Sunrise"

"Summer Sunrise"
12" x12"
Metal leaf &
 Acrylics on canvas

Well, not easy, but I think I captured this one in the manner I wanted.
Photographing any work with Metal leaf is so hard.
(Actually the colour is represented much better in the second Photo below.)
In reality this is a painting that gleams and changes with the passing of time daily,
making it quite unique.
The molding paste on this one was much thicker in the Leaves.
This presented a real challenge.
getting the edges painted in and the "Variegated Leaf"
on top took a long time.
Over all I am quite pleased with how it ended up.
As it is it is a very nice companion work to
My last work.
Both works are seasonal, and compliment each other and the Seasons they represent.
Comments and critiques on these paintings
(as well as any here in my blog)
are welcomed.
Please say hello after you are finished reading here.
I would so like that