Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sometimes it works, other times not, But today.......

Personal art in works:
I am working on a new idea right now.  It involves the far North, and the Northern Lights with a traditional Aleut dancer.
Now any that have seen the magical display that is presented by the Northern Lights knows that they are in a constant changing flux.
To try and represent them in a painting, one has to think in an abstract way so as to get the movement and clarity of them, all the while creating transparency showing them engulfing the land and sky.
I have been working on overlays of the lights, and think that I have finally achieved the look I want.
But.....again the proof of the pudding will when I bring all the elements of this painting alive on the Cradled Birch Panel I am using for this project.  Wish me luck today as I will be attempting to bring the whole lot together.

On another topic, over the last four years, I have been documenting  the Seasons of Grain farming, by taking photos from our deck (which is about 25 feet above ground in the back) of our local farmer and his workers preparing fields for planting, actual seeding, spraying, and eventually harvesting the land.
I have always been fascinated with the huge machinery, and the grace with which these gentle giants operate.
Because of the height at which I stand, and the fact that the grain fields completely surround our home, I have a vantage point that is excellent for depicting the manner in which the fields are maintained.

Always in a very straight line, with a specific purpose in mind, over hills, atop rises and down gulleys.  Watching these machines is a fascinating thing, and hopefully I can impart the beauty of this tremendous operation.
To coin a very famous phrase
....."Nothing Runs like a Deere!"
(or the farmer that operates one)

Some time this year I will assemble the photos into a book.  A book that shows the great time, effort and Money that goes into a large grain farm.
A book that shows a farmer that has no problem stopping his Combine and picking up Little Boys so they can go for a spin with him. 
A book that shows him saying hello to our dog that knows and watches every vehicle he uses and laughing when the Dog gets very upset with a strange truck that should not be there.
Hopefully, I will be able to show the sensitivity of this man and his operation.  I so enjoy it!
Later everyone .