Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is the "Pot of GOLD" really?

I watched a spectacular rainbow the other evening.

It began behind my daughters home and ended up landing right atop
the neighbours barn (3/4 mile away).
Now was the pot of gold the Farmers barn?
In this day and age when Farmers struggle to keep their farms, one wonders
if most people realize their plight?
Do any of us think about farmers when we eat much of the abundance on our
Do we realize that being that they are on the bottom of marketing chain,
that they receive the least of anyone for the food they produce?

Do most people realize what one Harvester/seeder/combine costs now?
How about pest control, Government standards set up to protect you the consumer?
How much more today do these regulations cost the farmer?
Their income has not risen per unit in many years, because as they may get paid more as opposed to ten years ago, the operating costs have risen 100-fold.
So Maybe the neighbour farmer has a Pot of Gold in his barn!
If so, he sure worked hard for it!

If you ate today....Hug a Farmer!