Sunday, January 24, 2010

Real Women #1

"Real Women I"
Acrylics & mixed media on canvas
12" X 14"

The final painting

the background detail
before the glazes have been added

The first in a new series.....
I am trying to convey the real woman in a realistic way.
While the concept is somewhat abstract, the message is clear.
I have used a combination of materials in these works.
Gold/Silver & Copper foil, Gel transfers and glazes.
This conveys (hopefully) the comfort a mature woman feels
in with her age.
Washing her hair with a sweetly scented soap.
Or just the pleasure of being alone in a tranquil spot.

My interpretation of this collection:
This series of paintings are very important to me.
As a maturing woman, I find that society tends to rest too much on the " False Beauty" of young women who have done nothing to deserve it (they were born with it) and they take for granted that this type of beauty is forever, and Society discards the beauty amassed by a woman of years.

Most of the mature women I know, are confident lovely people that have an unbelievable amount of beauty & intelligence within and without!

Real beauty really lies beneath the outer layers of anyone.
We, as a society, have to learn how to recognize it.
Nothing about the aged body is symmetric. Least wise mine sure is not.
I am not looking for perfection here, as perfection belongs to the young.
I am lauding the Mature woman that has accepted that she is who she is.