Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can do it! (if you help me)

Yep, I love chocolate, and I love cake!
(Dad seems to think differently though!)

The play structure "Safetied" so Marshall cannot get to the top.

I want to go higher

That mouse will be mine !

Who needs chairs?

I have it open, what now?

I can do it!

My Teddy and me!
(his birth gift from his big brother, and he will not sleep without it!)

My Littlest Grandson!
I have the joy of being a grandparent to two wonderful little boys.
One is six and in grade one, the other is 15 months.
The little guy is determined to do what he likes when he likes.
Now this is not a bad thing, but he likes things that most kids his age cannot be bothered with.
He likes computers, calculators, phones, and most things that have buttons that give you a display!
Not too long ago we got him a toddlers computer with a mouse so he would leave the "Real" computer alone.
Nope! Not good enough. He is aware that Daddys computer, and his big brothers DS are "Real" Computers that have real displays and real sounds, not the baby stuff. At a year and a half he knows the difference, and will not be side-tracked.
Looks like he will need his own Lap-top soon.
He knows which keys get a response when pushed, and how to bring up a picture!
When he plays outside, he can't be bothered with rocks, and stones, nope he wants to explore the world, and walk.
He wants to climb and climb he does.
Right up to the top of the Play structure and on the platform on top!
With a big grin he totters up high with the "I am the King of the World" look!
And our hearts are stopping just thinking about the consequences of him getting up there all by himself.
Well, we blocked off the ladder, and he was fit-to-be-tied!
Major temper tantrum then.
He figured out how to remove the boards blocking the ladder, so Lattice work went up at the entrance atop.
And he knew that climbing was useless, 'cause he could not get in.
His tenacity is wonderful, but he requires constant watching because he will not give up.
He is (already), a problem solver, and can and does figure a way around roadblocks that his parents implement to keep him out of trouble and danger.
I love his determination and when we walk around the driveway
(A long way for a very little boy)
his hand in mine gives me such joy!
His mother was like this as a little girl, and I am so very much enjoying my littlest grandson.
I am in total denial when I see him and he can do no wrong.
("Muggle" to her two bestest little men!)