Saturday, May 19, 2012

Catch up time with my art. "Prairie Winds"

It is important to know, that by clicking on any photo in this blog you will go to Full screen of each picture.
While I have been getting back to blogging with observations and comments re the Art world as I see it, I have been very lax in presenting some of the works I have completed while I was away.  
So, I am going to interject some of my new art and present it to you for comments/critiques.
This is a real accomplishment for me.
I am just getting into a looser and abstract form now.
 detail of the painting
All the Wheat chaff and the seeds are ensconced in a Clear gel (Goldens)
so they are completely encased in medium here.
This took weeks of layering and drying to achieve.

 The completed painting
It was important to show the winds and sun and the impact they have on the fields as the grain grows and matures.
Methods and media used:
Copper/Silver/Gold Leaf
Goldens acrylic clear gel
Actual Wheat stalks/seeds and Chaff
Acrylic paints
please let me know how you like it!