Sunday, September 7, 2008

And we are six and in grade one!

Already for school
Shaughn speaking with his other grandmother
First day in grade one!

This year my grandson began classes in the "Real School"
Grade one in the main building. He has already been given the honour of having one of the shovels hanging on his BIGGER than everyone elses' coat hook.
I gather the shovels (three I think) are in grade one so the snow on the sidewalk can be removed (with the caretakers assistance of course) by volunteer grade oners!
He is an astute Little Man, and believes that if you follow the rules, you will do well.
(A trait instilled in him by his Mother & Father.)
He wants to be able to read better, is not crazy about Math, and still hates colouring!
He will try his best, as, again he knows hard work has its' rewards.
(Doing his "Chores" every night nets him a Quarter per chore which is paid every Saturday!)
His chore money is saved until he has enough to purchase something that he wants very much. He MUST earn all his money, and this weeks shopping trip netted him a Lego Star-Wars fighter with a unique four armed creature.
$23.00 in all, and he worked & saved every penny.
I think he is on the right track.
Mind you, he "Is" my grandson, and I see no faults in him, that is a job for his parents, not me.