Sunday, June 3, 2012

But, then again....Finished:)

For weeks I have been working on a painting that will entail the Northern lights.  They are wonderful and so magical.  Initially I wanted to paint  something that described a wonderful passage from a book I had read, but the Author never answered my request to use her words as an inspiration for the work.
As in totally ignored my request.
Sei la vie.
At least I cared enough to ask permission, where many would not.
No loss though.
So I had to take another look at how I could do it.
I had everything done, Birch Panel prepared and was ready to paint and assemble the work, but something happened to my idea.
It seems that a brush in my hand has it's own idea of what it will do, 
 I started with a wonderful Green hue that had no business on a painting that would depict the night skies.
Then some Molding paste and a template over took me and then some Copper foil, and then Yellow.
A little bit of Silver leaf, and round indentations on opposite sides of the panel.
Yesterday while browsing my computer, I came across a wonderful site named
Paper Street Supplies.

And I saw a couple of pages of Mushrooms and thought immediately of Spores and I bought them.
Making any sense yet?
It did not to me either, but this is a prime example of how some of my paintings actually happen.
I swear, there is something inside of me that takes no direction from any idea I may have,
It makes me produce Art works that are (eventually) pleasing, colourful and balanced in the end.
It is now all coming together now.
I am beginning to see the direction of this work and it, while being rather unusual, is going to come together wonderfully.
I have attached two photos of the actual base for the completed work and when there is more will up-date this post.
Acrylics/Mixed mediums on cradled Birch Panel.
20" X 20"
 The whole Panel
showing the different medias used so far.

A close-up showing the "spores" floating and the use of the molding paste used to get the effect.
Yep, this will eventually embody Mushrooms....
And if you were to ask me how I managed to come up with this idea, I would have to truthfully tell you.....
"I have no idea!"
~~More to come :)
Later all, Kathleen


 I have now applied the Mushroom applique.
I like the contrast in colour and the meaningful way the "spores" relate to the image.
Many touch-ups are needed at this stage so, again, I will up-date this post when finished
Have a good one all

So here is the final work.
All dry and looking wonderful.
Hope you like it!

On to the next one.
Later all