Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Red Flowers"

"Red Flowers"
Mixed Media 
Cradled Birch
20" X 20"
 I love experimenting with new things, and I love taking these products out of their comfort zone and making them work for me in different ways.

The other day I was at the Art Store....
And, I noticed a product by "Pebeo"
It is a glass paint with a high shine, (like glass) LOL
so I picked up a couple of bottles of it.

If it shines it is a perfect product for me.
Yes I purchased a few things while shopping.
More gold leaf,
some new paint colours ,  Pipettes that drop paint where one wants it.
So much stuff, so little time.
Then on to the hardware store to get 1/4" birch panels.
(One 48" X 48"  panel cut in quarters)
at one tenth the cost that they would cost in the Art store.
and finally,
a Palm sander (to finish of my substrates smoothly)
One is never finished adding to the supplies needed to produce Art.

When I got all my new treasures home I really wanted to dive into using the Pebeo colours.
I prepped a 20" X 20" Cradled birch board with Grey Gesso.
Once the Gesso dried I took some Molding paste and spread lines of it down the board from edge to edge with my flat edged palette knife to cover the board with uneven gaps between the lines.
I let the paste dry until almost tacky and applied  Gold Leaf randomly on the bottom  2/3 of the base.
I left 1/3 untouched at the top.
After everything was dry I got my Pipette out (I really like these little tools),
And started drawing lines of Pebeo Apple green Vitrail over the whole board smoothed it out with a very soft brush and let it kinda streak so I had light and darker colours of green.
(Darker where the substrate was not touched by the molding paste)
I used Tar gel to draw  various sized lines dropping from the top to a little more than 1/3 of the way down.
this is what the panel looked like at that point.

I then drew on random "Flowers"  with the Tar gel and let that dry
once dry I started filling in the flowers with Goldens fluid Acrylic in Pyrrole Red.

As you can see from the glare on the painting so far , the Vitrail dries incredibly shiny (like glass LOL).
The yellowish areas on the bottom is the Gold Metal leaf overpainted with the Vitrail.

the above photo shows how mottled the background is with the differences between where the molding paste is and just the Grey Gesso is.
Here, as well you can see the red paint puddled inside the shapes of the flowers.
I, as well added one flower that has fallen to the bottom of the painting.
 The Red flower on the bottom with the stem.

Almost finished, but it did not seem balanced, so I added a bud on the bottom stem and a row of gold leaf pieces (not over-painted),  just above the fallen flower completed the painting.
Working with Pebeo Vitrail is fun. it is very adaptable to any substrate, and a little goes a very long way.
The colours are intense, and very fluid, actually very much like coloured water.
It did not sink right into the molding paste and never lost any of the original colour.
It is highlighted very well depending on the colour it is placed on top.
(In this case Paynes Grey & White molding paste, as well as Gold leaf)
I did buff some of the colour off places where there was Gold leaf, and while it did lift, left a hint of the green.
The colour is very intense.
I can see myself using this product a lot in the future.
I hope you enjoyed my journey with this painting.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The light scattered

"The Light Scattered"

Acrylics & Mixed Media
On Birch Panel
24" X 24"

I find that working on Birch Panels  more pleasurable than on Canvas.
Every Artist has their own preferences.
One is not necessarily better than the other, it is just a matter of personal preference.

I like painting on wood because the substrate is  less likely to move under pressure.
Again a personal preference.
I have painted many works on Canvas, and am sure I will do more paintings on Canvas, for now I will stick to the Birch Panels.
The above painting  is depicting a star that has blown up in a Galaxy far, far away.
What appears to be White, in actuality 
Silver leaf.
The effect is quite pleasing, I hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"It is Just a Matter of Time"

Acrylics and Mixed media
Birch Panel
24" X 24"

(These photos are not enhanced/Photoshopped in any way)

Many times I have posted photos of my Art and followed the picture up with the comment 
"It really gleams".
Of course we all realize that shine and gloss do not show up in a photo without looking like glare.
Because of this, photographs never depict what a painting really looks like in person.
And that is a shame.
I worked on this piece for almost three weeks
 Laying down the silver leaf, over-painting that, and buffing the paint down to a thin film that allows the shine of the Silver leaf below to push through the colour.
Using many many layers of greens and blues. each buffed to a beautiful finish. 
Paint reacts on Leaf in a very different way. While you can buff off the greater part of it,
in itself, a hint of colour is always left to shine with the Silver leaf  underlay lifting it upwards.
I have posted two photos of this painting that were taken at different times of the day to show how interactive
 using Silver (or Gold) leaf is and how it reacts to different levels of sun.
Hopefully this will help you understand my often commented....
"This painting just gleams."
Thanks all

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"And Then Came Fall"

"And Then Came Fall"
Acrylics and Mixed media
Birch Panel
24" X 24"

The Seasons change and life goes on.
There are beginnings and endings amongst these times.
We have new things to look forward to and old things, now to be remembered.

Time passes and each day has many wonderful and sad things to offer us.
How we deal with these things is up to us.
I am a positive thinker, I always have been.
I look forward to the seasonal changes.

Fall has always been my favorite season of the year.
It is crisp, warm, colder and fresh.
There are less bugs/insects, and the air is always refreshing.
And the Joy of colour it offers us.
Nothing can beat the beauty of Fall.
I hope you like this one.
A simple reflection of how I feel about September this year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"The Sun Rose Behind The Trees"

"The Sun Rose Behind The Trees"

Acrylics and Tar Gel
Birch Panel
24" X 24"

The Sun rises Behind the trees, and the whole scene lights up like they were illuminated with Gold.
In Northern Manitoba along the lakeshore, for the most part, the trees are Poplar and Birch.
They are never so thick that they cannot be walked through but in all tend to be pretty dense.
When looking East one often can see patches of the sky behind them, and the trees while fully grown,
 often have very tall trunks before the branches spread outwards.
The tops of these trees reach for the Sun.
Those that don't get that high die off.
When the Morning Sun appears it casts a glow and enhances the green leaves on the canopy, and highlights the trunks.
It is almost magical.
I hope you can see what I was trying to express in this painting.

Friday, June 5, 2015

"...And then there were Flowers."


..."And Then there Were Flowers."
Acrylics and Mixed-media on Birch Panel
24" X 24"

I have always loved the muted colours of the Impressionists.
I love abstract works that have wonderful colour.
That being said, I love Art-Deco.
With this painting I have tried to combine all three.

This is a
 multi-media work that took a very long time to complete because there were so many stages to it.

Initially I saw the woman on an Art-Deco site that I frequent.
She was a pen Line drawing in black on white.
 I knew that I wanted to do something with her so I printed her off in order to make a gel 
overlay of her.
(With permission)
Once the overlay dried and I removed the paper backing, I painted in the background of the gel and then
re-applied a few more coats of gel so as to give the image some depth.
The gel of the woman took four days to dry in all before it was workable and able to be removed from the glass substrade.
I then cut her out on the edges, lifted her carefully from the glass,
and rolled her in Parchment paper so it would not stick to itself.

I began working on the panel for a background.
Initially I painted the background all silver.
Paint does not readily adhere to any  metallic background.
My intention was to create a background of soft muted colours that ran together and pooled in some areas.
so after I poured washes  on the panel, and dropped Blue and Ochre spots,
i waited for them to dry a bit.

 I leaned the panel on a block so one edge was much higher than the other and sprayed it all with a fine heavy mist of water so it would drip down taking the colour with it.
When I had the background as I wanted it, I lay it flat and
let it dry.
Then I coated the whole background with an Acrylic Glazing Liquid  (satin)
 and waited for that to dry......
I then added strings of coloured Tar-gel to represent stems and flowers.

and let that dry.

I then over-painted the flowers and adjusted the Ochre tar gel.
I let that dry.

Finally I added the woman to the painting.

I find the end result of this work very pleasing.
There was an enormous amount of time spent waiting for the mediums to dry between each step.
It is a larger work and shows beautifully.

I hope you like it.

Friday, March 13, 2015

"And Then Comes Spring"

"And Then Comes Spring"
Acrylics and Mixed media on Canvas
16" X 20"
Living in Southern Alberta, Canada poses some problems with the Weather.
The Winters can be unpredictable and  oftentimes they tend to drag on.
But when Spring finally arrives,
 what a joy.

I celebrate our diverse weather
We have been known to have
Snow in September, Sun tanning days in the middle of December
snowflakes on a hot day in August 
nothing, no matter how unusual
tends to surprise us.

Spring brings green.
Fresh breathable air without frost
sunshine and a sense of well-being.
I created this work in honour of
The Season of re-birth.

 I base-painted the canvas with a deep blue and affixed 
Silver metal leaf squares.
I then colour washed over the silver another wash of blue.
the blue was applied in splotches, 
let sit and then gently buffed off 
so as to leave a hint of the colour and tone down the silver.
All colours are "Golden Fluids"

Once the blue dried, I did the same thing with Green Gold.
creating a fabulous contrast.
when everything dried fully, I then scumbled over the whole canvas

distressing some of the paint down to the silver and through that at times.
then I washed over the whole thing with random Blues & Green gold.
the base was finished.
I used a template and Molding Paste to add the vines
let them dry and over painted the plaster a few times to get
a not too perfect colour.


 I had fun creating this work.
I do hope you see the joy in it.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines day. (a wee break from the norm)

For Valentines Day, I send a special message to you all.
Japanese art of Kintsugi follows a different philosophy.
Rather than disguising the breakage, kintsugi restores the broken item incorporating the damage into the aesthetic of the restored item, making it part of the object’s history.
Kintsugi uses lacquer resin mixed with powdered gold, silver, platinum, copper or bronze, resulting into something more beautiful than the original.
For all my friends that may have been "Broken" at one time or another I send you hope.
I send you the hope that you will know that now you are more valuable and treasured.
If you have never been "Broken" please know that in my heart
I will try to be there and patch you up
with Gold if
 it happens.
I treasure you all.

See how this person made Kintsugi work for her when a whole shipment of Pottery arrived broken.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

"The Night The Northern Lights Surrounded Us"

"The Night The Northern Lights Surrounded Us"
Acrylics and Mixed media on Canvas
16" X 20"

I did this painting after a Hoar Frost settled into my world the other day.
Every blade of dried grass, every branch every electrical wire was covered in a delicate Hoar Frost.
When this happens and we are lucky enough to have no wind, the frost will stay on everything until the sun shines. Fortunate for us the day was overcast, so we had this beauty all day.
The following evening was  magical, one one in which the Northern Lights danced in just a glorious display.
They were so bright that the trees covered in delicate frost shone in the dark contrast to the sky in all its magnificent colour.
Hopefully I have somewhat captured this magic on my Canvas.

This photo actually shows the true colours of this painting.

I hope You can see the Magic in this painting, it seems touched with electricity and just gleams.

Monday, January 12, 2015

"Sunset at September Lake"

"Sunset at September Lake"
Acrylics/mixed media on Canvas
16" X 20"

Every once in a while something good comes from a disaster.
The other day I was going through my 
"Paper53" app on my IPad and I was checking out my doodles.
(Things I have composed while watching TV )
I really liked the effect that the colours made when I would go to the next line down and continue a sky line.
The tone on tone created a wonderful effect, and I wondered if I could translate this 
small work to Acrylics on canvas.
I mixed up a watery (watercolour style) blue green for my sky and started.
needless to say I failed miserably!

So, here I was with a canvas covered in blue/white cloud like lines that did not work.
 I did what any well intentioned Artist does in this situation, I grabbed a bottle of Fluid Acrylic
("Goldens Yellow Oxide")
and poured it over the canvas atop the blue/green mess!
and then I smoothed it over the canvas with a fine wide brush.
I had the most gorgeous canvas in various hues of yellows and reds, and greens!
Now this was a canvas I could work with, and in colours I liked.
I decided that somehow the sky would be of a Sunset.
So I needed a tree line.
I remembered
I had just stocked up on Metal leaf.
Not just the regular Gold/Silver/Bronze leaf
but a new hue 
that was
a Variegated Black.
I had never worked with it and needless to say, I was itching to work with this new colour.
It is a product  put out by a company called
and just gleamed.
So, instead of highlighting a painted tree,
I got the bright idea to paint the trees in with sizing and just use the leaf.
Different and kinda hairy because once dry, I would not be able to see what I had painted.
But, I persisted and ended up with this;

Yes, that is metal leaf, 
just photographed so as not to see the glare from the sheen.
And, I liked the results tremendously.
while I liked it, there was nothing defining the trees, so
again, I decided to draw trees "ATOP" the trees already there.
(again blind.)
I let this sizing dry and then layered Gold Leaf atop the black metal leaf and they looked wonderful.

Basically, not a good photograph, but this one shows the great difference between both colours of
the metal leaf.
I had depth.
And the contrast between the two colours was so pleasing.
A detail shot to show the leafing.

I had a hard time deciding to do the lake in the front of the tree line.
would the sunset be behind the trees or in front?
Because the colour was so vibrant, I decided that the Sun would be behind the viewer.
The whole effect would be balanced with the reflection of the Sunset on the water.
so how to do that?
More metal leaf of course!
And that my friends
is how a disaster can actually turn out to be a pretty pleasing Painting!
Thanks for being here, I appreciate you taking the time to
read and view my blog so much!