Sunday, February 8, 2015

"The Night The Northern Lights Surrounded Us"

"The Night The Northern Lights Surrounded Us"
Acrylics and Mixed media on Canvas
16" X 20"

I did this painting after a Hoar Frost settled into my world the other day.
Every blade of dried grass, every branch every electrical wire was covered in a delicate Hoar Frost.
When this happens and we are lucky enough to have no wind, the frost will stay on everything until the sun shines. Fortunate for us the day was overcast, so we had this beauty all day.
The following evening was  magical, one one in which the Northern Lights danced in just a glorious display.
They were so bright that the trees covered in delicate frost shone in the dark contrast to the sky in all its magnificent colour.
Hopefully I have somewhat captured this magic on my Canvas.

This photo actually shows the true colours of this painting.

I hope You can see the Magic in this painting, it seems touched with electricity and just gleams.

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