Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another day another painting & more Gesso!

Well, I have begun another painting.
Yep, and I am not sure even already if I have begun it right.
So back to the Easel, and Gesso!
Now there are some tools in any trade that are considered mundane!
For a mechanic it may be.... a screwdriver....for a house painter....a brush and for a
secretary....a computer.
We all use these things and we tend to take them for granted.
For myself, an artist, my thing is Gesso!
I use it a lot. It is the great divider between right and wrong. It covers up mistakes, cleans canvas' and does a fine job of allowing one to begin anew if the original approach is all wrong.
Oftentimes we start a project and once we are into it, we realize that we are heading in the wrong direction.
Hopefully every person has a "GESSO" solution to these problems.

It is often not the finished product that has any meaning, but the path traveled to the end.
We all need some sort of Gesso in our lives, and if we are lucky our problems can be solved by using this product in one form or another.
When we hit a snag that will not allow us to correct our mistakes and gesso is not the answer, it is then time to re-think our approach and start anew.
Yep....toss out the old ideas, and start fresh!
Here is to fresh starts in your life.
May they all prove fruitful!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The plan begins to come together....

Well, my daughter has designed the invitations for the "Little Mans" birthday!
Back stage passes on which a lanyard will be attached so the guests can hang them around their necks.
Of course they are Laminated!
She has so often commented that she is not artistically inclined.
I think these took a fair bit of imagination.
What say you?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Some things are just so Pretty!

"Split Leaf Philodandum"
Acrylics on canvas
I just finished this painting.
I have always wanted to do one like this, but never knew how the effect was achieved.
I do now....Glazing, lots and lotsa of glazing!
I am so pleased with myself.
You can teach old dogs new tricks! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A work of art by an Inspired woman!

I have "known" Rachel for about two years now.
I have never met her,but, we have become very good internet friends.
Rachel is a photographer, she says she is not professional, I say maybe not!
But, what I see when I look at her photography is beauty, be it a bug a child a bird or the smoke of a candle the moment after it has been snuffed out.

She inspires me, and quite a few works of art that I have produced ("Rachels Hosta" for example) have been inspired by her photography. Rachel sees the world for me so very often!
Her lens points to and picks up a second in time that can leave a person breathless.

My friend Rachel has a serious disease, and it has not once stopped her from being the consummate Mother/Wife/Teacher/Photographer!
Rachel is a determined woman, a woman that sees beauty in the strangest places, records it, and shares it with the rest of us that are in awe of her work!

Next time a work of art catches your eye, stop!
Stop, and think about what went into the making of it.
Think about who it was that made you look and smile!
Think about a world without people that inspire us!

Thank-you Rachel, I just adore you!
Rachels photography can be viewed here:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It is very important when your six.....

.....To have the bestest birthday party ever,
Now, when I was a child many years ago, you would get (maybe) one present and a birthday cake after dinner. (We lived on a farm) Birthdays were almost a disappointment in our house.

Today extravaganzas are the rule!
And I agree.
Children are the most precious part of our lives, be it our children/grandchildren/nieces or nephews and the little friends of our loved ones.

One gift given at a birthday now would equal the total accumulation of a childhood of gifts for me.
And again I agree with the attitudes of today.
Childhood is to be celebrated.
And celebrate they do.
My grandson will be turning six in a couple of weeks, and his party has been in planning for at least two weeks already.

He, (Following his father) is an aficionado of the rock group KISS!
Yep, you heard me right.
He bops around with various guitars, (and with one shaped like Gene Simmons Axe that he and I made out of cardboard one day) singing strumming and pretending he is Gene Simmons!
He knows all the words, and is rather an expert on the bands doings from the inception.
Pop Quizzes about KISS are the rule in his home, and he always gets us!
I must admit that I actually have learned a lot more about KISS than I ever thought that I wanted to know.
But, on the other hand, I never had someone that I love as much as him question me about the band before either.

So he is having an "Alive "6"" tour themed birthday party.
(To this point KISS has only five Live albums, so Shaughns will be #6)
There will be guitars for everyone and an "Air Band", (Guitars are all blow up style)
Tee shirts with significant Kiss words embossed on them and the "Tour" appearance on the back.
Of course there will be the pool and cake drinks and, with a multitude of over-active six year old boys, one can only imagine the cacophony at his home that day!

Even the invitations will be done up in the style of "Backstage Passes" with an attached lanyard for hanging around their necks. (Laminated of course)

So you ask too much?
I don't think so. He is a little boy that adores his little brother and is so protective of him, that he sides with the little guy when their parents discipline him! (Hugging his tears away when the parents forcefully say "NO!")
He is helpful around the house (as much as a five going on six year old will be), he reads, never breaks his toys, and passed Kindergarten with flying colours!
(Almost never complained about homework, just colouring, which he really dislikes.)
He has learned how to swim this summer, and plays outside in his playhouse sharing his time on the slide and swings with his little brother.

I did not have a childhood.
My daughter and son-in-law are giving my grandson memories that are positive because he has earned the right to this every day. He does not get things just for asking, and he is often told no when he want something....responsible parenting with a whole lot of love kicked in!
I believe it is very important to be surprised beyond your wildest dreams on the occasion of your sixth birthday.....If for no other reason than, you were a wonderful five year old!
The front of his tee shirts will have the first picture above on the front of them.
Who loves when her grandsons have a birthday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Work a New Style?

I have just finished a new painting.
"Mijima Pine"
30" X 30"
Acrylics on finished 1/4" MDF board
I used Golden Light Molding Paste for the rocks and texture.
What fun!
Hope you like it.
(as always for a larger view, click on the picture)