Monday, May 21, 2012

Art comes in many different forms.

Lately, a lot of my friends have been posting to a site called Pinterest.  
Seemingly, it is a site where you can post photos/pictures/images that they find pleasing to them.  
You can start various segments such as decor,food,art etc,
For years (well at my age it is for years) we have all, in one way or another collected images that please us.
In scrapbooks, actual books, and often in our mind, In our cupboards, on our Porches and in our gardens. 

Few people realize that when they do this they are actually defining who they are in an art form.
Art takes so many forms that it is often hard to imagine and segment each and relate to the individual process of gathering.

I belong to a small group of people on Facebook that are diverse in styles, but all have one thing in common.  
We Love COLOUR, and in one form or another we are artists.!  
We love different styles and each of us at one time or another has Waxed eloquently about another members art style.
One of the people is a quilter...a passionate quilter, and her use of colour and form results in wonderful creations....Common phrase re her Quilts is "Oh! I wish I could do that!"
She is modest, and in turn questions others on their abilities with paint.....
Another is making beads, beautifully hand rolled  colourful beads.....
Some do Portraits, others landscapes, and one a historical (through) art form depicting turn of the century small city life.
Yet, Art abounds in our lives.
the other day I saw an image of a Designer that just blew me away.
his name is
Roberto Capucci
One of his creations is at the beginning of this article.

He designs Dresses/Gowns that are considered Art Forms.
They are not always easy to wear, but they present a striking array of colour,shape and form.
All with fabric.
Each is hand made requiring (estimated) thousands of hours of work.
One wonders when anyone attempts to do something like this....
What motivates the individual?
What is it in that persons mind that sees fabric as sculpture?
that sees colours in such a vivid way?
We can only guess, but what is important to us is that he has done it.
That we can enjoy it.

The same might be said about the design of a cooking pot.
What shape and form takes place in the designers mind before the first mold is cast?
or maybe the shape of Garden tools.
Are they just functional or are they encompassing an art form that relates to the user, 
beautiful thoughts while working the ground.
A wonderful site that deals with shape/form and colour in all designs is

They see basic art and beauty in many things at this site, and is well worth looking into.

We are surrounded by Art.  Some very good, some terrible, but each and every form leads us to the thought.
Who thought of this?
What motivated them?
How did this individual know this would please me?
Bears a lot of thinking in our daily lives.....
And a lot of gratification for sure.