Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finished and signed.

Detail of the Ballerina;

"Moonlight Becomes Her"
Acrylics on canvas
11" X 14"

Finally I have finished "Moonlight Becomes Her"
My experiment with metal leaf paper has proven to be a great success.
What was/is not a success is the abilityto photograph this work in a manner that truly shows the real beauty of it.
The Silver/Copper Leaf just shines whilst taking any photograph even without a flash!
In actuality the silver lines in the water are hair thin, but look so cumberson in the photograph!
"Well, (She says) I suppose this is one work that will be appreciated fully by those that can and will look upon it in person."
You will notice that the horizon is not flat. I opted to do this as it seems like this can be an "Other Worldly" painting, and one wonders if we are looking at the moon from Earth, and or looking at the Earth from somewhere else.
The way the Moon glimmers is more indicative of how the highlights show.
I hope you like it!