Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The importance of grief.

Acrylics and mixed media on canvas
12" X 14"

I have been working with trees for a while now.

As most of you know my love affair with trees started a lifetime ago 
now I am portraying them in ways that are special to me.
Trees are life.
And what about death?
How do trees signify that?
What role do they play into our sorrow?

Many plant a tree in honour of a deceased loved one.
The symbolism of these trees
has served us well as we watch them grow tall and strong.
I see a tree as a place where one can collect thoughts.
Under which we can cry and vent our frustration at the brutal
finality of

A place of calm where we can try to sort out a troubled soul.
Recently I have had two friends that have lost 
to death
younger members of their families.
One to an accident
another to illness.
I say to them;

If you have a young member in your family, or a young child that is near to you,
Hug them and tell you that you love them.

Look at the parents and thank them for allowing their children to be a part of your life.

Life is to be treasured 
 we, (as we age) understand how precious youth is.

How wonderful it is that  children make our world.

For you that will not hear the laughter again I weep.

But I tell you now, that the time your family and friends had with them
while they were alive helped make this world a beautiful place, 
 we will be forever grateful.
They will always light up our hearts with beautiful memories.

Rest in Peace

My camera is broken, so until it is replaced, I am using my IPad as a camera.  Not the best choice, but for now
it will have to suffice)