Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Red Flowers"

"Red Flowers"
Mixed Media 
Cradled Birch
20" X 20"
 I love experimenting with new things, and I love taking these products out of their comfort zone and making them work for me in different ways.

The other day I was at the Art Store....
And, I noticed a product by "Pebeo"
It is a glass paint with a high shine, (like glass) LOL
so I picked up a couple of bottles of it.

If it shines it is a perfect product for me.
Yes I purchased a few things while shopping.
More gold leaf,
some new paint colours ,  Pipettes that drop paint where one wants it.
So much stuff, so little time.
Then on to the hardware store to get 1/4" birch panels.
(One 48" X 48"  panel cut in quarters)
at one tenth the cost that they would cost in the Art store.
and finally,
a Palm sander (to finish of my substrates smoothly)
One is never finished adding to the supplies needed to produce Art.

When I got all my new treasures home I really wanted to dive into using the Pebeo colours.
I prepped a 20" X 20" Cradled birch board with Grey Gesso.
Once the Gesso dried I took some Molding paste and spread lines of it down the board from edge to edge with my flat edged palette knife to cover the board with uneven gaps between the lines.
I let the paste dry until almost tacky and applied  Gold Leaf randomly on the bottom  2/3 of the base.
I left 1/3 untouched at the top.
After everything was dry I got my Pipette out (I really like these little tools),
And started drawing lines of Pebeo Apple green Vitrail over the whole board smoothed it out with a very soft brush and let it kinda streak so I had light and darker colours of green.
(Darker where the substrate was not touched by the molding paste)
I used Tar gel to draw  various sized lines dropping from the top to a little more than 1/3 of the way down.
this is what the panel looked like at that point.

I then drew on random "Flowers"  with the Tar gel and let that dry
once dry I started filling in the flowers with Goldens fluid Acrylic in Pyrrole Red.

As you can see from the glare on the painting so far , the Vitrail dries incredibly shiny (like glass LOL).
The yellowish areas on the bottom is the Gold Metal leaf overpainted with the Vitrail.

the above photo shows how mottled the background is with the differences between where the molding paste is and just the Grey Gesso is.
Here, as well you can see the red paint puddled inside the shapes of the flowers.
I, as well added one flower that has fallen to the bottom of the painting.
 The Red flower on the bottom with the stem.

Almost finished, but it did not seem balanced, so I added a bud on the bottom stem and a row of gold leaf pieces (not over-painted),  just above the fallen flower completed the painting.
Working with Pebeo Vitrail is fun. it is very adaptable to any substrate, and a little goes a very long way.
The colours are intense, and very fluid, actually very much like coloured water.
It did not sink right into the molding paste and never lost any of the original colour.
It is highlighted very well depending on the colour it is placed on top.
(In this case Paynes Grey & White molding paste, as well as Gold leaf)
I did buff some of the colour off places where there was Gold leaf, and while it did lift, left a hint of the green.
The colour is very intense.
I can see myself using this product a lot in the future.
I hope you enjoyed my journey with this painting.