Friday, March 13, 2015

"And Then Comes Spring"

"And Then Comes Spring"
Acrylics and Mixed media on Canvas
16" X 20"
Living in Southern Alberta, Canada poses some problems with the Weather.
The Winters can be unpredictable and  oftentimes they tend to drag on.
But when Spring finally arrives,
 what a joy.

I celebrate our diverse weather
We have been known to have
Snow in September, Sun tanning days in the middle of December
snowflakes on a hot day in August 
nothing, no matter how unusual
tends to surprise us.

Spring brings green.
Fresh breathable air without frost
sunshine and a sense of well-being.
I created this work in honour of
The Season of re-birth.

 I base-painted the canvas with a deep blue and affixed 
Silver metal leaf squares.
I then colour washed over the silver another wash of blue.
the blue was applied in splotches, 
let sit and then gently buffed off 
so as to leave a hint of the colour and tone down the silver.
All colours are "Golden Fluids"

Once the blue dried, I did the same thing with Green Gold.
creating a fabulous contrast.
when everything dried fully, I then scumbled over the whole canvas

distressing some of the paint down to the silver and through that at times.
then I washed over the whole thing with random Blues & Green gold.
the base was finished.
I used a template and Molding Paste to add the vines
let them dry and over painted the plaster a few times to get
a not too perfect colour.


 I had fun creating this work.
I do hope you see the joy in it.
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