Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Showcasing "The Art Of Jessie McIvor"

Every once in a while we are astounded by works of art.
We are astounded by the dedication of the Artist 
perfects every little thing that goes onto thier canvas.

And then along comes works of art that are produced 
by an Artist 
that only paints with her heart.
An artist that loves colour
an artist that doesn't follow conventional lines.
An artist that doesn't use conventional mediums.
An artist that has no formal training.

 The Art of Jessie McIvor 
definitely from her heart.
 She is a member of a wonderful loving family
She was born with Downs syndrome
she is 30 years old.

 Jessie and her Mom Nicki.

Jess never been told that there are any 
limits to what she can do.
It is interesting to note that
each and every work she produces
is happy, and filled with joy
even those depicting sadness
 are filled with
promises of good things to come.
Her medium of choice 
Crayola fine tip markers
Inexpensive Acrylics

Recently Jess and her Family holidayed in
Cabo, Mexico

During this Holiday
Jess saw art that was of the same style as she created.
and in colours that she loved
Vibrant and pleasing to the eye.
And she was in awe that others created images 
just like hers.

One thing that can be noted, 
is that rarely
(or if ever)
does Jessie draw right angles.
Her work is strongly
representative of the Cubism movement
brought to the forefront by artists 
such as
"Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso And the later works of Paul Cezanne"
And as well as   the "Art Deco" Movement.

The one big difference being that Jess has no idea who these Lauded artists are 
ever having studied their works.
Of recent times she has been influenced strongly by the 
accomplished artist
"Laurel Burch."
Jess's world is expanding now, 
she is very aware that Art is a wonderful thing
and that she in truly
"An Artist!"

Jessies art can be purchased for the cost of equipment/tools for her to create with 
and or
the cost of shipping from Canada.
Jessies Facebook page is
(Note, all communication will go through her Mother
Nicki McIvor)

Some of Jessies Art;