Sunday, May 1, 2016


Acrylics and Mixed Medium
Birch Panel
24" X 24"

This painting began (again) with a prepared background 
that I had composed quite a while back.
As I said earlier, I do Backgrounds  and set them aside until the right idea comes to mind 
for what I have to work with.
I realize this seems to be a slap-hazard way of creating any type of art, but it works for me.
(What can I say?)
When I thought of a whale breaching in the Ocean 
In my Minds eye I was picturing joy and freedom.

Firstly I set out deciding the positioning of the Whale
and what part of the Breech I would portray.
I drew a small sketch
(Yes, believe it or not I have now drawn a Bird a Fish and a Whale )
I knew (again) that I wanted to portray water and an immense span of it.
So I set up the boundaries of the level of the water.
(the white goop shown below)
 that determined the positioning of my main focus.
I poured the Liquitex pouring medium just below the top 1/2 of the board and it did not pass my barrier (thankfully)
I (at this point) just had one line of pouring medium
(as shown in the below photo)
Again, please understand that I am working by the seat of my pants here.
 I do not know any tried and true way to do this so I improvised with what I had on hand.
And luckily for me, it worked.
 I then penciled in the Whale with a water colour pencil and painted it in.
above and below what was now the water line
Close-up of painted water/wavesThis photo shows how the Pouring medium makes the water realistic as in a splash!
I hope this kinda gets you all into trying new techniques and products.
Yes, I know Pouring medium is not a new product, but it was to me.
I love working with new ideas and methods.
Yes I fail at them as well, but it sure is fun  trying.
Sometimes it is well worth trying to use a new art product without really knowing what it can do.
I knew that Pouring medium dried crystal clear and looks like glass.
With this work I used the medium in layers letting one level completely dry before adding another.
I wanted the water to look and feel like actual waves.
I think I achieved what I set out to do!
Later everyone
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