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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Lake Louise Has Frozen Over!"

"Lake Louise Has Frozen Over"
10" X 10"
Acrylics on canvas

I painted this today.
I have been studying the Group of seven (plus a few more) and am totally enthralled with the style that these fabulous artists painted in.
Everything they do/did was perfection, and so cleanly painted.
I have tried in this painting to achieve a detailed work without using any details.
If that makes sense.
I tried to let the colours and hues of the paint work for itself.
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gotta love Moonlight and snow!

"Manitoba Moonlight"
10" X 10"
Acrylics on Canvas

Seems like my Winter series are very popular.
People just love them and they offer a glimpse of the Magic of winter
without having to be cold!
This little beauty (again) is based on
my Manitoba winter nights and walking my faithful dog Ben in the late evening.
Hope you like it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Winter Moonlight"


I think I have captured that wonderful electric blue/white that surrounds me, when I go for a walk in the moonlight on a very cold (Clear) winter night.
I have found in my life (so far) that nothing, absolutely nothing about nature reaches my soul more than these Winter night-time walks.
It is as if you are one with the universe.
Everything is quiet, and I am in awe at the spiritual beauty surrounding me.
And, if the Northern Lights are flashing, even better, but those lights could never be emulated with any semblance of recognition.
You might say that I have painted a "Feeling" as opposed to a scene.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Woods in Front of the Lake"

The peacefulness of the Poplar trees fronting Lake Manitoba
Acrylics on Canvas
10" X 12"

"Blue River"

Painted when I was challenged to "Paint a landscape" using only two colours!
I used Blue & Brown. (while is not considered a colour)
24" X 24" on MDF board.

"Brisbane Harbour"

My first attempt at "Loose" painting.
Painted for "Different Strokes" competition @ Wet Canvas Acrylics forum
8" X 10" Canvas hardboard

"Hardwood Tree Trunks, Japan"

My first attempt at colour without specific detail.
Acrylics on canvas board.
18" X 24"

"Little Boy, Big Lake"

My grandson on the shore of Lake Manitoba.
18" X 24"
Acrylics on canvas
(private collection)

"Falling Water"

Inspired by a Sulfur Spring in Hiroshima Japan.
Acrylics on canvas
16" X 20"
(Private collection)

This post has been deleted,

"Looking In"

A painting Of a window encircled by Grape vines and Geraniums
A delightful painting that thrilled me when completed.
Acrylic on canvas 16" X 20"

The beginning.....

This will always be my favorite Painting.
As, it is the first one that I completed that had a professional look to it.
....A stand of Lodgepole Pines on the highway to Banff, Alberta, Canada.
All paintings here can be viewed in a larger size by clicking on the picture.
Acrylics on Canvas board
16" X 20"