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Monday, June 23, 2008

"Self Portrait "with commentary

Painted for a "Self-Portrait" challenge @ Wet Canvas Acrylics forum.
(Acrylics on canvas 8'X 10")

My comments re the unusual design:
"I had a very hard time with this, I do not look at myself"
"I see my hands, the Moon, my Grandsons, but I do not see me.
I see the art that I paint, what I sew and design, I see my family and am proud of them, and that is me.

At this time in my life I see myself as at peace with the world, free, happy, and contented.
Learning to be a good Buddhist is important to me.
A non-traditional Self Portrait.

I hope that others see me this way as well.

'A person that loves, is loved, likes her lumpy body, and is happy in her own skin, and cares not what others think, when she dances naked underneath the moon.

"The Sun,The Moon and the Stars on a Windy Day!"

A very rare attempt in doing an abstract.
Acrylics on canvasboard.
8"X 10"

The Woods in Front of the Lake"

The peacefulness of the Poplar trees fronting Lake Manitoba
Acrylics on Canvas
10" X 12"

"The Verger"

My first attempt at painting a face. Well, my first attempt at painting a detailed figure as well.
An old Verger speaking with a young lad in the side area of an old English Churchyard with theCemetery in the background.
Acrylics on Canvas
8" X 10"

"Blue River"

Painted when I was challenged to "Paint a landscape" using only two colours!
I used Blue & Brown. (while is not considered a colour)
24" X 24" on MDF board.

"Brisbane Harbour"

My first attempt at "Loose" painting.
Painted for "Different Strokes" competition @ Wet Canvas Acrylics forum
8" X 10" Canvas hardboard

"Moonlight Over Water"

moon,light,The cold beauty of Moonlight reflecting over water.
Acrylics on canvas
16"X 20"
Private collection

"Hardwood Tree Trunks, Japan"

My first attempt at colour without specific detail.
Acrylics on canvas board.
18" X 24"

"Little Boy, Big Lake"

My grandson on the shore of Lake Manitoba.
18" X 24"
Acrylics on canvas
(private collection)

"Boy on Dock"

Young boy contemplating his life on a floating dock.
Based on a photograph taken by his Father.
16" X 20"
Acrylics on Canvas

"The Woodpile"

The Woodpile at the lake.
Acrylics on Canvas
16" X 20"

"Dreamys River"

Painted from a photograph taken by my wonderfully supportive friend Rachel.
Acrylics on canvas
16" X 20"
(Private collection)

"Falling Water"

Inspired by a Sulfur Spring in Hiroshima Japan.
Acrylics on canvas
16" X 20"
(Private collection)

"Morning Deer"

From a Photograph taken by Maura on Easter Sunday Morning.
This little guy was part of a herd of Deer in her yard.
He was looking in the back patio doors.
Acrylics on canvas
10" X 10"
(Private collection)

"A Still Life in Red"

My first attempt to do a monotone Still Life.
Not the best, but still an accomplishment that I like.
Acrylics on Canvas
8" X 10"

"Secret Garden"

Oh the joy of a child when they present their mother with a bouquet of Dandelions on Mothers Day!
Acrylics on Canvas
8" X 10"

This post has been deleted,

"Dogwood Blossoms"

I think that I did capture the delicacy of these beautiful flowers.
They are so fleeting, and so welcome in the Canadian Spring.
Acrylic on Canvas
8" X 8"

"Lady Carols Pelicans"

My first venture into something that was not a Still life/Landscape
From a Photograph provided by my friend Carol @ Wet Canvas Acrylics forum.
Taken @ the Sydney, Australia Zoo.
(Thanks Carol)
Acrylic on Canvas 10" X 10"
(Private collection)

"Looking In"

A painting Of a window encircled by Grape vines and Geraniums
A delightful painting that thrilled me when completed.
Acrylic on canvas 16" X 20"