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Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Canadian Way"
24" X 24"
Acrylics and Mixed Media
 Birch Panel

This past week has not been a good one for Canadians.
Two Canadian Soldiers were murdered, just because they wore uniforms proudly.
My country is in mourning for these brave and good men.

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, 53

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, a reservist.

W/O Vincent was run down by a motorist (Purposely) and killed  in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Cpl. Cirillo was gunned down as he stood guard (unarmed)  at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa.

Needless to say these type of happenings are not commonplace in my Country.
This painting is in Honour of these two brave men.
The people that selflessly put themselves in danger to try and save their lives,
To say thank you to the Sergeant at Arms in the House of Parliament
Ken Vickers
who shot and killed the person that murdered Cpl. Cirillo
I hope I have represented these brave people with a painting that shows us all.....
"That no matter how hard you try to rip the  fabric that holds Canadians together,
the good citizens of this country of all races/creeds & religions
will never be undermined by wanton acts of cowardice such as these."
The step by step process of this painting

In the beginning I wanted to represent all of Canada.
In our National Anthem there is a wonderful line
"From Sea to shining sea"
That is why the colours.
threads torn from a scrap of fabric to represent
what people such as these murderers want to do to our country.
As if to tear apart the threads that hold us together as a Nation.
Red paint representing blood spatters speak for themselves.

then I added a piece of fabric seemingly holding itself together to show our unity as a nation

the threads
Forming the Maple leaves with gel and paint

adding the Maple leaves
Each leaf is partially free of the painting as if they are falling down
side view of some of the Maple Leaves
Almost finished
What looks like light blue is actually an interference paint that shines when

The Canadian flag is added
not too obvious as that is who we are as a people, quiet, reserved, just a country
getting it done in the best way we know how
"....In Unity"

detail of the flag

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rachels Mum

So, I decided to go one step further with painting flowers.
This time I used a Yellow Mum, and tried to "loosen up a bit!"
I think I have a better understanding of how to paint a flower now....Hopefully.
Some seem to do this with some effortlessness.
I struggle.
I am always questioning myself, and oftentimes, I cannot seem to relax
when attempting anything new.
In this painting, I have used the act of light shining almost through the Flower
all the while, casting a shadow on the background!
Well here it is....
Hope you like it.
Rachels Mum
Acrylics on Canvas
8" X 8"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sky Ice Water series continued

Sky Ice Water #2

Sky Ice Water #3

"Sky Ice Water #4"

The above paintings are Acrylic on Water colour paper
11" X 7"

These three little lovelies took me over a month to complete.
As I have said before, there is a certain beauty in the starkness of the ocean in the Arctic.
The sky and water seem to be one with only the ice separating them.
The ice takes on the blue hues of the water, and under the dimness of the midnight sun
the colours are breathtaking.
I hope you do enjoy these.
I was in rapture while I painted them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Lake Louise Has Frozen Over!"

"Lake Louise Has Frozen Over"
10" X 10"
Acrylics on canvas

I painted this today.
I have been studying the Group of seven (plus a few more) and am totally enthralled with the style that these fabulous artists painted in.
Everything they do/did was perfection, and so cleanly painted.
I have tried in this painting to achieve a detailed work without using any details.
If that makes sense.
I tried to let the colours and hues of the paint work for itself.
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gotta love Moonlight and snow!

"Manitoba Moonlight"
10" X 10"
Acrylics on Canvas

Seems like my Winter series are very popular.
People just love them and they offer a glimpse of the Magic of winter
without having to be cold!
This little beauty (again) is based on
my Manitoba winter nights and walking my faithful dog Ben in the late evening.
Hope you like it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Winter Moonlight"


I think I have captured that wonderful electric blue/white that surrounds me, when I go for a walk in the moonlight on a very cold (Clear) winter night.
I have found in my life (so far) that nothing, absolutely nothing about nature reaches my soul more than these Winter night-time walks.
It is as if you are one with the universe.
Everything is quiet, and I am in awe at the spiritual beauty surrounding me.
And, if the Northern Lights are flashing, even better, but those lights could never be emulated with any semblance of recognition.
You might say that I have painted a "Feeling" as opposed to a scene.

Monday, June 23, 2008

"Self Portrait "with commentary

Painted for a "Self-Portrait" challenge @ Wet Canvas Acrylics forum.
(Acrylics on canvas 8'X 10")

My comments re the unusual design:
"I had a very hard time with this, I do not look at myself"
"I see my hands, the Moon, my Grandsons, but I do not see me.
I see the art that I paint, what I sew and design, I see my family and am proud of them, and that is me.

At this time in my life I see myself as at peace with the world, free, happy, and contented.
Learning to be a good Buddhist is important to me.
A non-traditional Self Portrait.

I hope that others see me this way as well.

'A person that loves, is loved, likes her lumpy body, and is happy in her own skin, and cares not what others think, when she dances naked underneath the moon.

"The Sun,The Moon and the Stars on a Windy Day!"

A very rare attempt in doing an abstract.
Acrylics on canvasboard.
8"X 10"

The Woods in Front of the Lake"

The peacefulness of the Poplar trees fronting Lake Manitoba
Acrylics on Canvas
10" X 12"

"The Verger"

My first attempt at painting a face. Well, my first attempt at painting a detailed figure as well.
An old Verger speaking with a young lad in the side area of an old English Churchyard with theCemetery in the background.
Acrylics on Canvas
8" X 10"

"Blue River"

Painted when I was challenged to "Paint a landscape" using only two colours!
I used Blue & Brown. (while is not considered a colour)
24" X 24" on MDF board.

"Brisbane Harbour"

My first attempt at "Loose" painting.
Painted for "Different Strokes" competition @ Wet Canvas Acrylics forum
8" X 10" Canvas hardboard

"Moonlight Over Water"

moon,light,The cold beauty of Moonlight reflecting over water.
Acrylics on canvas
16"X 20"
Private collection

"Hardwood Tree Trunks, Japan"

My first attempt at colour without specific detail.
Acrylics on canvas board.
18" X 24"

"Little Boy, Big Lake"

My grandson on the shore of Lake Manitoba.
18" X 24"
Acrylics on canvas
(private collection)

"Boy on Dock"

Young boy contemplating his life on a floating dock.
Based on a photograph taken by his Father.
16" X 20"
Acrylics on Canvas

"The Woodpile"

The Woodpile at the lake.
Acrylics on Canvas
16" X 20"

"Dreamys River"

Painted from a photograph taken by my wonderfully supportive friend Rachel.
Acrylics on canvas
16" X 20"
(Private collection)

"Falling Water"

Inspired by a Sulfur Spring in Hiroshima Japan.
Acrylics on canvas
16" X 20"
(Private collection)

"Morning Deer"

From a Photograph taken by Maura on Easter Sunday Morning.
This little guy was part of a herd of Deer in her yard.
He was looking in the back patio doors.
Acrylics on canvas
10" X 10"
(Private collection)